Call for Submissions


We are a new academic press based in Oregon (USA) and current seeking potential manuscripts for publication.  Sirius Academic Press has been established to address to several challenges unique to the academic market.  First, many young academics face difficult challenges in finding a publisher in the current market, and too many good theses are going the (unfortunately easier) route of non-peer reviewed and for-profit presses.  This leads ultimately to the loss of good early research, which is later sold at prohibitive prices. Second, many institutions today wish to publish anthologies, as well as the proceedings of conferences and colloquia, but do not have a large budget for editorial costs with a major university press.

Thus the beginning of Sirius Academic Press.  We also believe that with a small editorial staff and collaboration with academic colleagues around the globe, quality scholarship can be published for much lower prices that many other large institutions are currently offering.

Our focus primarily on the liberal arts and social sciences, and Sirius believes in peer review, professionalism, and assisting academics by making their research available to the international market. The Sirius Academic team sees its authors as partners, and works to produce quality texts at a competitive price.

In short, our publishing focus is three-fold:

  1. Monographs and Dissertations
  2. Conference Proceedings
  3. Peer-Reviewed Anthologies

If you believe that you or your institution could benefit from our services, please let us know, and we’d be glad to speak further you.

All best,

Waldo Thompson
Sirius Academic Press

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