Fundamentals of Moroccan Foreign PolicyNow available from Sirius Academic Press:

The Foundations of Moroccan Foreign Policy: An Anthology

Tachfine Baida, Editor
Introduction by Jack V. Kalpakian

Morocco has long enjoyed a strategic position as the crossroads between East and West. Yet within the field of international studies, few academics have examined its contemporary political relations in any depth. This edition aims to illuminate this area of study by introducing new perspectives to that discussion. A collaborative work by students of Al Akhawayn University’s graduate program in International Studies and Diplomacy, this is one of the first dedicated anthologies on Moroccan foreign policy. The volume helps to mediate the conceptual barriers that have appeared between the English-speaking world and the Islamic world, especially in the aftermath of 9-11. With the Arab Spring in mind, the papers in this anthology were significantly influenced by its dynamics, as they were articulated at its height. In addition to enhancing the academic discourse surrounding Moroccan foreign policy in English, it is hoped that this volume will contribute to healthy, positive and productive discussions about the shared future of the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

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